Snow Teeth Discount Codes – Snow Teeth Whitening Review 2022 Overview

There are numerous different types of teeth whitening products available. From gels, white strips and pens to more sophisticated LED kits for whitening, it could be difficult to determine the right product. Snow Teeth Discount Codes

Teeth-whitening can be costly, complicated and even painful. The most frequent side effects are extremely sensitive teeth, swollen or red gums, and dry mouth.

But at-home tooth whitening treatment does not have to be painful or difficult.

Snow Teeth Whiteningoffers a straightforward and non-stressful whitening experience. The kits come with a specially formulated whitening serum and an LED mouthpiece.

Snow also offers an all-in-one kit to whitening, a toothpaste, a desensitizing serum and lip products.

Snow is advertised as a safe, comfortable, and effective method to whiten your teeth at your home. You can utilize the device for 9 to 21 minutes a day.

According to Snow’s website Snow’s website claims that 97 percent of customers get results after just one use (consumer report). 100 percent get results after 3 weeks.


What is LED Teeth Whitening & is it safe?

Snow Teeth Whitening Review 2022The LED tooth whitening process is secure to use at-home use. The latest research indicates that LED whitening is effective when users follow the manufacturer’s protocols.

LED as a light source is a safer choice to UV (UV) light, which may cause cell mutations. A light source that is LED-powered does not cause the mutation of cells or increase the risk of cancer. LED speed up the whitening process, without the risk of ultraviolet light.

During the LED teeth whitening procedure, you’ll apply a bleaching agent to your teeth. The LED light turns on the bleaching agent and initiates reactions. As this reaction takes place, the blue LED light penetrates the enamel and clears away stains. Snow Teeth Discount Codes


Why Choose Snow LED Teeth Whitening?

A visit to the dentist for teeth whitening is expensive ($600plus for each treatment). The strips for teeth whitening don’t give long-lasting whitening or whitening. every tooth equally.

Snow is a good alternative to these treatments if you are seeking a cheap and efficient method to whiten your teeth. The kits are priced between $150 to $399 (75 treatments included). It is possible to purchase a year’s supply of whitening serum for just $75.

Their advanced, proprietary teeth-whitening system employs the award-winning LED activating technology to deliver professional results for as little as $1.60 per session.

The kit is only required for nine to 21 minutes for whitening every day versus 30 minutes for strips to whitening.

Snow’s website also contains hundreds of reviews. A lot of customers say they love their products since they have less sensitivity.

The unique serum is specifically formulated to reduce the sensation. It is a pleasant experience for most users.

Many of the customers have also said that they are simple to use and convenient. Other reviewers mention seeing noticeable outcomes after just the first few times.

Snow was chosen as one of the ” best teeth whitening kit for teeth with sensitive issues” by in 2020. They’re also the top recommended brand by Allure Magazine and Men’s Health (2022), and have been mentioned by Elle, Good Housekeeping, and People Magazine. Snow Teeth Discount Codes


Snow Ingredients List

These serums are made up of these ingredients

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Deionized water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Peppermint oil


Snow is recommended by Dentists

Snow Teeth Whitening 2022As per the Dental Advisor, 80 percent of dentists would suggest Snow Teeth Whitening to their patients. The kits have been proven to remove stains caused by smoking, coffee or wine, soda, and tetracycline (antibiotics that create yellowing).

forty-one percentof dentists believe that Snow is similar to other brands, while 35 percent consider the brand to be superior to rivals.

Some positive comments made by dental professionals who participated in this survey:

“The zero sensitivity was fantastic.”

“I enjoyed the fact that I could use it anywhere because it plugs directly into my smartphone.”

“I have used it and enjoyed it so much, I had my patients place orders on the internet.”

“It’s easy to apply bleaching agent by using the application tool called a click pen.”

A few negative remarks that were made by dental professionals in this survey:

“More difficult to maintain the mouthpiece in mouths with small mouths.”

“I wasn’t sure what amount of whitening gel I should use.”

“Increased my production of saliva.” Snow Teeth Discount Codes


Benefits of Whitening your Teeth with Snow

The advantages of whitening your teeth with Snow include:

  • $1.60/treatment (75 treatment sessions included)
  • Speedy results with guaranteed results
  • Just only 9 minutes of whitening each day
  • Lasting whitening outcomes
  • Dentist recommended
  • Formula for professional use that is safe and enamel-safe
  • Gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Products cause less sensitivity
  • The product is safe for use on bridges, crowns and fillings braces, veneers, and crowns
  • LED kits and other products for the go are available
  • Yearly supplies of whitening products readily available
  • A proprietary utility system to protect your gums
  • All products made in the USA
  • Fast shipping worldwide (160+ countries)


Advantages and disadvantages of Snow Teeth Whitening

The cons of whitening your teeth with Snow are:

  • The mouthpiece might cause discomfort for some people.
  • The cheapest model is not wireless; you must plug it into your phone
  • The mouthpiece is not a one-size-fits all and may result in an inadvertent fit
  • The charger is a bit bulky.
  • The whitening wand may make it difficult for users to operate, and can impact results
  • It is messy (lay on your back while you’re whitening for better outcomes) Snow Teeth Discount Codes


Snow Teeth Whitening reviews (Products, Features & Costs)

The Snow brand offers three varieties of whitening kits as well as the whitening toothpaste

1. Snow At-Home Teeth The Whitening (All-In-One Kit)

Snow All-In One Tooth Whitening Kit is the top bestseller. It provides fast whitening results that are guaranteed by 99.3 percent reviews across the 500,000+ clients.

The customers that are included in this list include A-list celebrities, such as NFL players as well as film stars.

The serum is safe for enamel. It is vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic. You can expect dramatically whiter teeth after just 21 days of use (9-minute application). Some users report having results in only several months. 1

The convenient and well-packaged system offers professional-quality whitening at an affordable price. The product is safe for enamel for those with gums and teeth that are sensitive.

It’s also safe for crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, and braces. No prescription or dentist visits are required.

What’s included in the kit:

  • One LED that is activated (100 100% secure) and charger
  • Medical-grade silicone mouthpiece
  • 75+ treatments
  • Three wands with whitening serum
  • One wand with extra-strength whitening serum
  • Two different strengths of whitening
  • Desensitizing serum (to reduce any sensitivities)
  • 5-year guarantee

Cost: $149-$200 Snow Teeth Discount Codes


2. Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit (2nd Generation)

Snow Wireless Whitening Kit (2nd Gen) is the improved version of the original wireless system.

Snow claims it is easier to use and offers professional-level whitening in minutes.

The new , water-resistant, wireless teeth whitening mouthpiece accelerates each session to provide longer-lasting, more durable outcomes. It can be used in the shower if are in a hurry.

The LED device comes with two distinct light modes. One is the blue light-whitening option while the other is the dual-light option (red light to promote dental health).

The serum is enamel-safe and vegan. It is gluten-free, vegan and free of animal cruelty. You can expect to notice a dramatic improvement in the color of your teeth after just 21 days of usage (9-minute treatment).

This system is also safe for braces, veneers, crowns, bridges, and sensitive teeth. It also gives you an easy, hands-free whitening. A smartphone or app are not needed.

The kit includes:

  • One LED that is activated (100 100 % secure) and charger
  • 75+ treatments
  • Self-sanitizing charging case (cordless charging)
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Dual-light therapy
  • Medical grade silicone mouthpiece
  • Two levels of whitening serum
  • Luxury travel case
  • Desensitizing serum
  • Five-year warranty

Cost: $299 Snow Teeth Discount Codes


3. Snow Blue Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit

The wireless kit for teeth whitening from Snow makes use of dual-light therapy. It includes Blue light for whitening and Red light to help support gums.

The serum is safe for enamel, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. The LED mouthpiece helps enhance the effects of the serum to last longer.

It is also water-resistant, making it ideal for people who lead busy lives. It is also possible to shower while you whiten your teeth.

The kit includes:

  1. An LED that is water-resistant and wireless. accelerating mouthpiece for hands-free whitening
  2. Three teeth whitening instruments
  3. Extra strength whitening serum for quicker results
  4. 5-year guarantee
  5. 75+ treatments
  6. Light therapy in red and blue settings

Cost: $299 Snow Teeth Discount Codes


4. Whitening Teeth for Snow

Get your teeth whiter with Snow Whitening Toothpaste. This toothpaste offers professional teeth cleaning , without the addition of chemicals.

It is recommended to brush this toothpaste at least once or twice a day is a fantastic supplement to your LED whitening routine.

Snow’s whitening toothpaste comes with the following features:

  • It took 17 months to develop the perfect combination of ingredients
  • Premium mint flavor
  • Enamel-safe ingredients
  • Guaranteed results
  • Fluoride-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Designed for sensitive teeth

Cost: $39 (3-month amount) up to 99 dollars (12-month supply)



How to Use Whitening Snow Teeth Kits (Normal and Wireless)

Snow Teeth Discount CodesThe process of whitening your teeth using Snow is a straightforward and simple procedure. It comprises five steps:

  1. Before you begin a whitening session, be sure to clean and floss your teeth. This ensures that any plaque, food particles, and bacteria are removed , and improves the efficacy of the gel to whiten your teeth.
  2. Apply the Apply thesnow Teeth Whitening Serum by twisting the wand. Apply the gel to each tooth until they are completely covered. Try your best not to touch your gums, lips, or tongue (because it can irritate them).
  3. Once the serum has been applied on your teeth plug the LED light on your smartphone and then insert the mouthpiece in (unless you’re using the cordless kit). The light should remain on for 9 to 30 mins. The time will vary based on the brightness you prefer.
  4. After whitening, unplug the light and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse the light as well as your mouth , and then brush your teeth in order to get rid of any gel that has accumulated.
  5. Make use of the kit for 21 minutes every day (for 21 days). Then, apply it once per week to keep your teeth clean.

If you are utilising the tooth whitening device wireless you do not need to connect the device. You can use the device freely or in the shower. It will be plugged into the charging case after using and it will clean itself and remove germs. Snow Teeth Discount Codes


Why Trust Us? What do we do to Analyze Products

All medical information on this site, which includes this guide as well as other product reviews, are written by our experienced team of editors and researches.

All NewMouth writers review products that are recommended and reviewed in the field.

In cases where this isn’t possible Our team will:

  • Compare positive and negative reviews for the products
  • Discuss with the company’s leaders to ensure their products are safe and effective.
  • Check costs to ensure that customers get the highest high-quality products for a reasonable price.
  • Review research studies and compare the pros and cons of each product

Each piece of content we publish is heavily reviewed before publication. Every piece of content published on NewMouth is also medically reviewed from a registered dentist specifically any content where we suggest products.

Dental professionals flag any suggestions they don’t agree with. Anything that doesn’t meet their professional standards are removed. Snow Teeth Discount Codes


What are people saying about Snow

The NewMouth team collated reviews from The NewMouth team compiled reviews from four websites which allow you to buy Snow’s products. We discovered more than 7,000 customer reviews in total. The majority of reviews are favorable, and a small percentage of them are negative, or in between. The majority of Amazon reviews are 4 stars or above.

A large majority of positive reviews say the whitening products cause little or no sensitivities. Some of them mention instant results others state that you’ll see improvement after just a few times.

So far, so great; I’ve been using this for two weeks at the most potent strength, and my teeth are definitely brightening.”

– Amazon reviewer

“It is easy to use, no sensitivity (which I’ve experienced with every other whitening system I’ve tried from professional to whitening strips) And the gel isn’t a taste of anything.”

– Target reviewer

Even though the majority of the reviews on Snow are positive on multiple websites However, there were some who weren’t totally satisfied with the service.

Keep in mind that people who have thin enamel or dental restorations are unable to be whitened. Some people are also more sensitive over others (and sensitivity is a common consequence of all tooth bleaching, including professional treatments).

Inattention to reading the instructions carefully prior to using the product can cause negative results.

“The product functioned as it was claimed. What they may not explain well in the description is the fact that the ultraviolet light source has a short cord that will require your OWN power/charge unit for it to be functional.”

— Amazon reviewer

“It takes time to get the whitener through the tubes first, and it’s difficult to put it on each tooth. The mouthpiece is a bit large and uncomfortable. “

– Best Buy reviewer


How Much Does Snow Teeth Whitening Cost?

Snow Teeth Discount Codes

Snow Teeth Whitening kits cost between $150 and $300 depending on which kit you select. They each come equipped with 75 different treatments.

You can also order the teeth whitening wand refills on their own in packs of four, two, six or 12. The price of the wands ranges from $29 to $129. A couple of drops is sufficient for both upper and lower teeth, which means that one wand should last you many treatments. Snow Teeth Discount Codes



Where to Buy Snow Teeth Whitening Products

The most convenient place to purchase Snow Teeth Whitening products is directly from their website. They often have promotions and discounts. You cannot get these deals on Amazon.



FAQs on Whitening Your Teeth Snow

Does whitening of your snow teeth cause sensitization?

Whitening your teeth with Snow Teeth causes almost no sensitivity because it contains potassium nitrate that eliminates discomfort. The products are specifically designed to lessen the effect.

Can I whiten my teeth by using the use of fillings or other types of restorations?

Yes these products are safe to apply to all dental restorations.

What are the chances of LED lights on mouth cancer?

The light of LED does not lead to the mutation of cells or increase the risk of developing cancer. LED light speeds up the whitening reaction without the risk associated with UV light.

Which is the desensitizing serum, and how do I apply it?

The desensitizing serum is perfect for those who have sensitive teeth. It also strengthens enamel , and provides vitamins and minerals to teeth.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, apply the serum 15 minutes prior to starting the treatment. Rinse and proceed with the whitening process. You can also use it after the whitening procedure. It doesn’t require washing it off.

When should I use the product, and for how long?

Snow suggests applying this kit to last for 21 mins a all day (for the duration of 21 days). Then, use it at least once per week to keep your teeth white.

What happens if I put the liquid on my lips or gums?

If you do get the serum on your lips or gums, wipe it off. Snow is only meant to be applied to your teeth.

Do children have the right to use snow-whitening products?

It is recommended to consult with your dentist prior to applying any whitening product to children.

What do women who breastfeed need to know?

Yes, a mother who is breastfeeding can whiten her teeth without risk.

Do I have to wait until I can eat?

It is recommended to wait between an hour and an hour and half to consume food following the use of the product. Snow also suggests whitening your teeth prior to going to bed.

Is Snow teeth whitening suitable for enamel?

Yes. Products for whitening your teeth with snow are safe for enamel when used as advised. To avoid enamel erosion and irritation make sure you don’t use too many of the products.

What is the policy of Snow’s shipping?

In the event you buy more than $90 you’ll get no shipping charges (U.S. just). International orders require a small shipping fee.

After you place your order You’ll receive the kit within six working days (up to two weeks for internationally-based orders).

Snow also offers priority shipping. You can have the item shipped within three days.

What is Snow’s policy on return?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your kit You can ask for the refund within 30 days of purchasing. You’ll have to send the product back to get an exchange. Snow Teeth Discount Codes



In the report by dental advisor the majority of dentists would recommend Snow Teeth Whitening to their patients. The kits have been proven to remove stains caused by drinking coffee, smoking or wine, soda, and tetracycline (antibiotics that can cause yellowing).


  • The results of whitening last for a long time
  • Dentists are recommended
  • Formula for professional use that is safe and enamel-safe
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free
  • Products cause less sensitivity
  • Use it on crowns, fillings, bridges veneers, braces, crowns and bridges.
  • LED kits and portable products available


  • The mouthpiece could be uncomfortable for certain individuals.
  • The cheapest kit is not cordless. You have to plug it into your phone
  • The mouthpiece is not a one-size-fits-all solution and could cause an inadvertent fit
  • The charger is somewhat bulky. Snow Teeth Discount Codes


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